Antex is a
financial infrastructure


Antex provides the foundational building layers for a new digital economy with following products: stable-coin, crypto/fiat, DEX, launchpad, lock liquidity and lock token and connecting crypto to the real world.

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Our Vision

Antex Ecosystem long-term vision and mission:
being the most convenient, optimized, and secured platform for “Developers, Project Owners, and Community.”

AntEx A Hub of Global Digital Finance

VNDT Platform

VNDT Stablecoin

VNDT stable coin is backed liquidity with VND (rate of 1:1) by Ngan Luong - the payment intermediary licensed by the State Bank of Vietnam.


Transaction & Payment Services VNDT wallet

VNDT Wallet - A Truly digital banking

Building a leading “digital bank” platform in the cryptocurrency market.

Not just a cryptocurrency wallet – VNDT Wallet can be considered as a pioneering digital bank
in connecting the crypto market and the need to use cryptocurrency to make transactions by VNDT Stablecoin in daily life.

  • Transaction & Payment Services VNDT wallet
  • Transaction & Payment Services VNDT wallet
  • Transaction & Payment Services VNDT wallet
  • Transaction & Payment Services VNDT wallet
  • Transaction & Payment Services VNDT wallet


Launch The Future

AntPad is a protocol that aims to empower users by enabling them to develop their own token and conduct their own token sale. AntPad epitomizes a multi-service delivery platform, which applies a comprehensive multiple protocols: Trade, Earn, Mint, Airdrop, Lock Liquidity and Lottery Crypto.


Antex - Blockchain Wallet

The next generation DeFi wallet provides innovative features in storing, exchanging cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

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Antex - Blockchain Wallet



VNDT wallet: Releasing Payment function
(Air-Ticket, Hotel, Shopping mall, Utilities, etc.)
Expanding market of OTC and Crypto Loan
Global Remittance
- Support Polygon chain
- Referral feature testnet
- Research Dex Aggregator
- Research Vn Smartchain (VNS)

  • Capella

    VNDT wallet
    - Reach 1M users
    - Upgrade Market feature
    VNDT stablecoin applying & integrating on Stellar blockchain
    Launching Antex Charity Foundation
    Antex Blockchain wallet: Upgrade Swap AI
    - Launching Mystery box NFT
    - Launching Pool feature
    - Launching Referral feature

  • Vega

    - Launching Vn Smartchain (VNS) testnet
    - Launching Dex Aggregator v1.0
    Antex Wallet: Upgrade Antex Blockchain wallet (Vega's version)

  • Procyon

    - Launching Vn Smartchain (VNS) mainnet
    - Upgrade Dex Aggregator v2.0
    VNDT wallet: Upgrade VNDT wallet (Procyon's version)